Commit. Do the thing.
The thing that calls.
That pull that won’t stop tugging,
the whir scrambling ‘round your brain.

There is no refusing
When all distraction is hushed;
which is a feat in itself,
but a necessary one just the same.

I’ve written my entire life. I’ve been blogging or online journaling in some fashion since it first came onto the scene (I’m definitely dating myself here). But before that, there was poetry. My first love. My early poems started when I was about 7, and I kept writing through my early twenties, but somewhere along the way I got distracted with life. Marriage. Jobs. Family. Friends. Therapy. Seeking. Religion. Moving. That is life. Poetry was always in the back of my head, but had faded significantly, to the point where I didn’t think I would ever write it again. Then one day, just a few weeks ago, I rediscovered it. I was reminded about a passion that has been a part of my for nearly as long as I’ve been alive (at least as long as I was capable of forming simple written prose), and it started pouring forth from me again.

So here I am, off and running and committing to this next step in my journey.

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