Music is Magic

Days without music go by,
There is something missing
when you don’t hear the song. 

There is nothing to set them apart,
Bleeding into the next
when silence is the way. 

The world changes with a note,
It pries through closed doors
when distinction becomes enough.

Music is magic. I believe that is a quote from Trent Reznor. It’s one that sticks with me and a message that I lost for a while. I’ve been living in a temporary situation, in a dark apartment in between the sale of one home and a search for another. There was much that I gave up while living in this place and no, it isn’t some awful hovel like saying the words “dark apartment” probably sound. It’s just literally not filled with much light. Windows are few and only on one side. I am a light seeker in more ways than one, so this place has had a tendency to me feel crowded and claustrophobic on top of being a major life change. But it wasn’t just the light that I gave up, it has been music. Without having my turntable set up and easy access to my records, I stopped doing something I’ve loved my whole life. I stopped playing music in this place – not even playing it from my phone, and that is something I’ve never encountered. I can’t explain what happened, other than being here made everything feel different and I let parts of myself fade away.

The effects of no music were greater than I realized. One recent afternoon, after 5 months of being here, I popped on a playlist from my phone and I was almost immediately changed. I got lost in the songs, danced around the room and fell into what might be described as a state of bliss. A joy arose in me that I haven’t felt in many months and it was all thanks to the music. A seemingly simple thing, yet so complex that it can open doors and alter moods. While this may not have shone a physical light on me, I reacted to it as if it had. Music should never go unplayed, no matter the circumstances. It truly is magic.

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